What’s Different about our Grocery Aisles?

Grocery aisles may look about the same, but beyond the products on the shelves are the little touches that mean so much more. When you shop our aisles, there’s a good chance a store-owner personally stocked some items, and you’ll be helped by employees who have been serving your Sentry store and your needs for many years.

All Wisconsin Sentry stores are independently owned and operated and we are proud to serve the communities we call home. At Sentry, we strive to deliver a different, and more personal shopping experience. When you shop at Sentry, your dollars stay in your community. We proudly give back to neighborhood charities, schools, fundraisers and families. There are no stores closer to the community then Sentry, and we are thankful for each and every loyal customer who comes through our doors.

If you’re looking for a truly LOCAL grocery shopping experience that also has the Best Picked Produce and hands down the Best Meat in Town, we welcome you to stop in and discover what makes our aisles different.